Our Belief

One agenda. Yours.


Like anything else, if you want to succeed in achieving financial independence, having a plan is essential. Crew Capital is committed in developing and implementing a personal plan that will grow, preserve, and protect your assets and meet your financial needs. As a fiduciary, we are legally bound to always work for our clients' best interests.

Whether it's planning for complicated estate issues, understanding complex stock incentives, or simply trying to build a safe and secure retirement, let us be a trusted resource with independent and creative methods to meet your desired outcome.

Investment Strategy

Our strategy is simple. We diversify in a dozen different asset classes. This gives us three very distinct advantages:

  1. Long-term focus is the strategy - not the holding period
  2. Takes the emotion out of the process
  3. A disciplined and proven strategy in buying and selling holdings

The profit is in the detail. There is great importance in both developing a customized plan and prudently monitoring your portfolio. Whether it’s actively making changes due to lifestyle, geopolitical concerns, economic factors, market valuations, or because of a change to your risk tolerance, being detailed with the implementation of such changes is essential in your success. We provide such detail.

If you like how we think, we'd love to talk with you.